Individual Rubber Duck wanted? Check it out:

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4 Steps to your individual rubber duck

  • 1. Design and Offer
    • Product ideas
    • Design development
    • Design and layout proposals
    • Determination of legal product requirements
    • Selection of final product: shape, size, colors
    • Offer
    • Minimum order quantities: middle size 3000 pc, small size 5000 pc, giant size (30cm and more) 500 pc.
  • 2. Prototype and Approval
    • Product design
    • Prototype development
    • Prototype production
    • Prototype approval
    • Production Sample development
    • Production sample approval
  • 3. Production
    • Production
    • Quality control during and at the end of production
    • Optional: toy certification done by testing laboratory
    • Packaging
    • Preparation for shipment
  • 4. Delivery
    • Distribution: sea freight approximately 5 – 6 weeks, Air cargo approximately 5 – 7 days
    • Distribution
    • Optional: Storage and “Just-IN-Time” delivery

The Squeakworld by openmindz® is specialized in individual productions. Whatever your preference is - rubber ducks, or other squeak or squirt toys – we will produce it. All Squeakworld toys are made of phthalate free materials. Regular testing carried out by recognized independent testing laboratories ensure our high quality. All items are in compliance with actual toy regulations. You will be surprised at how low priced an individual rubber duck can be. Or would you rather have your own individual squirt toy? Almost any shape is possible. Have we sparked your interest? There are only 4 steps to your individual rubber duck:

1. Design and Offer

You have an idea for your own rubber duck? Tell us about it and our designer will convert it graphically. During this process our experienced team will help with the development of your product according to production feasibility, size, shape, design and color. If you already have your own graphical artwork, we will check its feasibility and help your idea to come true. Once we know exactly what you want – quantity, size, quality - we will calculate the cost and then make you an offer.

2. Prototype and Approval

Once you accept the offer, we will produce a sample on the basis of the graphical artwork. The prototype will be approved by you. There are several steps of the approval process: You will receive a picture of your prototype. If you like the design and approve, we will send you an actual sample prototype. Any changes you make will be integrated into a revised prototype and you will receive a photo for renewed approval. Upon your approval, you will receive a sample prototype. Production will start once we have your final approval. You will keep the final prototype as your sample of reference.

3. Production

Once production starts, we will pull random samples for comparison purposes with the reference sample. While and after production is completed, your toys are tested for quality. After your product has passed all quality controls, it will be prepared for shipment. Upon request, your product will be certified by an independent and accredited testing institute, in accordance with the applicable Toy-directives.

4. Delivery

We work together with global operating logistics companies. As a result, shipment of your products is fast, safe and cheap. Since most of the toys are produced in the Far East, shipping normally takes around 5 - 6 weeks. Should you need it earlier, we will have your product sent by air which reduces the delivery time to 5 to 7 days. We also offer to store your rubber duck and send it out “Just-IN-Time” whenever you need a certain amount.